Bespoke Trips

Isn’t it our family and friends that we want to share our best moments with? And what can be more memorable than a road-trip? But when every person you wish to go for a road-trip with has a different schedule, different preferences and different demands, planning a trip might not be so easy.

But with Embarq’s Bespoke Trips, every dream road trip will now come true! Curating private and personalised experiences for individual groups, we design our Bespoke trips just on the dates you like, with the people you love, in the ways you want and in the budget you prefer… making for the perfect road-trip! So, get ready for a journey of a lifetime that will stir your soul and make your heart skip a beat… all of it in the company of your loved ones! Incredible, isn’t it?

  • Tour 1

    India to Thailand Overland Trip

    Reimagine the beauty of South East Asia

    Set on an incredible journey from Guwahati in India, all the way to Bangkok in Thailand. Relish the unsung magnificence of Nagaland and Manipur, cross and conquer every single of the 50 iconic bridges of Myanmar...

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  • The Self-drive Spain Trip

    The Self-drive Spain Trip

    Lose your heart to Spain

    Experience Spain the ideal way- the road-trip way. This tour, unlike the regular ones, will let you see an offbeat and unique side of the country. Witness a never-before experience of driving on beautiful roads...

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  • The Self-drive Scotland Trip

    The Self-drive Scotland Trip

    Don’t just travel Scotland. Live it!

    Embarq’s Self Drive tour of Scotland will take you through the most magical mountain passes, rugged coastlines and stunning islands.Drive the zippy Mini Cooper cabriolet on the famous North coast...

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  • The Self-drive Kyrgyzstan Trip

    The Self-drive Kyrgyzstan Trip

    Rediscover yourself in the tranquil of Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan is one the best-kept secrets of Central Asia. It is a magical land of snow-capped mountains that disappear into the clouds. The beauty of alpine lakes with turquoise water, stunning gorges...

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  • The Self-drive New Zealand Trip

    The Self-drive New Zealand Trip

    Every turn, a breath-taking view

    Join us in exploring one of the world’s most mesmerizing countries, New Zealand. Embarq’s 12-day Roadtrip starting from Auckland takes you through some of the most scenic routes all the way to the southernmost tip of the country...

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  • The Best of Silk Route

    3 countries. 1 ancient route. Many untold stories

    The Silk Route exhibits its fascinating history in over 40 countries, but there are 3 that take away the top prize... Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Flaunting one of the world’s largest deserts...

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