India to Thailand Overland

Myanmar - Thailand
Ideal time to visit: Anytime except the monsoon season
Vehicle: Car/Motorcycle that suits your needs with clear title

Set on an incredible overland journey from Imphal in India, all the way to Bangkok in Thailand. Relish the unsung magnificence of North East and experience the thrill of crossing the Indian border by roads. Witness the splendour of North east India, the magic of Myanmar and the energy of Thailand, all in the comfort of your own vehicle and the company of your loved ones!


Wrapped in unmatched spiritual energy, Myanmar offers some of the most strikingly beautiful temples, pagodas, and historical sites. The country also has some beautiful beaches and exquisite landscapes. Drive through the rustic country side and cross every single of the 50 iron bridges of Myanmar, witness the grandeur of 2,000 Buddhist monuments towering over green plains in Bagan Archaeological Area, taste the authentic and globally celebrated Burmese cuisine. Mix with the locales and experience their warm hospitality.


Thailand cannot disappoint any traveller ever. A world in itself, it offers vivid experiences for everyone. Be it the Buddhist temples, the exotic wildlife, spectacular islands, delectable food, relaxing massages or a happening nightlife… Thailand has it all. Drive on the Asian Highway all the way to Bangkok! The smooth roads and tropical weather makes this one, an experience of a lifetime.

The tour cost depends on various factors like number of cars or motorcycles, number of people, duration, etc.

An ideal duration would be anything over 10 days, as that’s the minimum time it takes to drive from Imphal to Bangkok. To know more or to customize this drive to suit your dates, duration and budget, click here!