Self Drive - Spain

Ideal time to visit: May to October
Vehicle: Car/Motorcycle that suits your needs with clear title

Experience Spain the ideal way- the road-trip way. This tour, unlike the regular ones, will let you see an offbeat and unique side of the country. Witness a never-before experience of driving on beautiful roads, with coasts and snow-capped mountains taking turns to run alongside you. A drive on the curvy roads of the Pyrenees offers an adrenaline rush for the driving enthusiast in you, and is perfect to end up in your “drives-of-a-lifetime” list. Gasp in awe at the splendid beaches, stunning mountains and plateaus, and the architectural masterpieces that the country boasts. All of this, with an Audi A3 Sportback will make Spain so spectacular; you might just lose your heart to it.

So are you ready?

Day 01

Arrival in Madrid

One of the liveliest cities on the earth, Madrid welcomes you gloriously with its splendid art and rich culinary experiences. Spend the day exploring this beautiful city.

Day 02
Driving Distance: 570 Kms

Drive to Seville, one of the most historically significant cities of Spain. The captivating palaces, churches and medieval lanes might cast a spell on you.

Day 03
Driving Distance: 325 Kms

Drive through a breathtaking route to the beautiful city of Granada. Embellished with Islamic architecture and middle-eastern street life, Granada exhibits stunning churches, and promises you some of the best tapas you’ll ever have!

Day 04 & 05
Driving Distance: 846 Kms

Drive to Valencia or any of the quaint towns of your choice along the coast. Explore the place in the evening and dine at a local café. Drive to Barcelona the next day. A city painted with every colour, Barcelona offers you everything you want... a sunny seaside, warm culture, fine dining and drinking, wonderful flamenco shows and a nightlife you’d love!

Day 06
Enjoy the day break in Barcelona
Day 07 & 08
Driving Distance: 569 Kms

Drive from Barcelona through the beautiful Pyrenees. Break your journey in one of the quaint villages with cobbled streets, surrounded by beautiful hills and rivers. The next day drive to San Sebastian and enjoy the Bay of Biscay

Day 09
Driving Distance: 457 Kms

Drive back to Madrid, the vibrant city that never sleeps

A trip with the above itinerary starts from Rs.175,000/-per head (with 2 people in one car). However, we can curate an itinerary for you that suits your budget, dates and convenience. To know more or to customize this drive, click here!