The Self-drive Scotland Trip

Ideal time to visit: May to October
Vehicle: Self-Owned Car/Motorcycle that suits your needs with clear title

Embarq’s Self Drive tour of Scotland will take you through the most magical mountain passes, rugged coastlines and stunning islands. Drive the zippy Mini Cooper cabriolet on the famous North coast. Highlight of the tour will be driving around and spending a day on one of the most romantic destinations in the world- The Isle of Skye (meaning cloud island).The history, the legends, the scenery, the weather, the music and the poetry combine to produce something very special.Spend time with the locals, visit some world famous Single Malt distilleries, stay in luxurious Scottish castles and soak in the culture. Join us to experience Scotland at its best.

Day 01

Arrive in Edinburgh

One of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities. Spend the day discovering the picturesque streets, exquisite European architecture and delectable cuisine.

Day 02
Driving Distance: 245 Kms

Explore the small and simple town of Aviemorepopulated with warm locals, and plenty of adventure activities. Spend some leisure time at a famous distillery.

Day 03
Driving Distance: 128 Kms

Through a beautiful drive, reach Taina town surrounded by beautiful castles. Visit some castles and forts on the way and explore this royal burgh and its splendid architecture.

Day 04
Driving Distance: 300 Kms

Experience the best of NC500 route. Stunning views, beautiful beaches, the best hot chocolate in Scotland at Cocoa Cafe and numerous photo stops.

Day 05
Driving Distance: 162 Kms

Head to the capital of Skye, overlooking a sheltered bay. Explore the colourful harbour that this little town is known for.Enjoy the cosy cafes and restaurants nearby.

Day 06
Driving Distance: 420 Kms

Day of return to Edinburg through somemore scenic routes.

Day 07
Departure from Edinburgh

Pack up all the amazing memories and head back home to prepare for the next road-trip!

A trip with the above itinerary starts from Rs.200,000/- per head (with 2 people in one car). However, we can curate an itinerary for you that suits your budget, dates and convenience. To know more or to customize this drive, click here!