India to Mangolia

6 rugged countries await you here on the way to Mongolia! An epic experience, this roadtrip is all about the curly roads, curled up in the mesmerising settings of nature. And while you’d think that it’s all about intriguing histories of some legendary cities, some of world’s best adventures and the thrill of driving a 4 by 4 on your dream roads - it’s way more than that! Most authentic local experiences, boutique stays and the company of some adventure crazy minds, just like your own!


Drive through the scenic country-side and mountains of Myanmar where you cross the Indian border at Moreh and drive across the Friendship Bridge that connects India and Myanmar. Experience travelling across the famous 50 iron bridges and witness the magic of 2000 buddhist temples in Bagan – a remarkable World Heritage Site.


Take the road from Myanmar to Thailand, along the Asian Highway. Explore the sleepy and pleasant town of Chiang Rai on the way to enter Laos.


Beautiful and rustic, the country welcomes you with a drive across the Mekong river and the winding roads of the Phou mountain range.


Drive through China – A country with mind-blowing infrastructure. Take the thrilling drive across 10 km long tunnels. Tick off the Panda Park from your wishlist. Get intrigued looking at the Leshan Buddha or the terracotta warrior museum.
Witness the largest waterfall on yellow river, the charm of Beijing and the wonder of the Great Wall of China!


Drive to Mongolia- the land of Chengis Khan! Explore the vastness of the Gobi Desert. Get nomadic with the nomads there and immerse yourself in their culture – raw and rugged. Treat your eyes to the vast landscapes of the Khustai Mountains and lose your heart to it all!

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