Countries are not just diverse pieces of land, but amalgamation of diverse cultures, heritages, people, languages and foods. And the closest way to experience it all, is on roads. Embarq takes you to the most exotic countries on the globe and curates road travelling experiences that stay with you all your life. With Embarq, all you need to do is just enjoy to the core. Because for everything else, we are here. A lead car is always there to make sure you drive the right road, whereas a sweeper car makes sure you live the most of every moment... Soak that sunset in, or extend your stay in that boutique resort, you’ll always safe company.

So get ready to for some of the most luxurious rides, discover unknown lands on wheels, and live the true spirit of every country... all of it with a convoy of equally passionate travellers.

Road trip, done right?

  • The Best of Silk Route

    3 countries. 1 ancient route. Many untold stories

    The Silk Route exhibits its fascinating history in over 40 countries, but there are 3 that take away the top prize... Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Flaunting one of the world’s largest deserts...

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  • The Self-drive trip through Northern Europe

    Premium self-drive road trip in Northern Europe

    A journey to bring out emotions you never knew existed

    Discover the hidden treasures of world with Embarq on this ‘never-imagined-rarely-heard-of’ road-trip through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Flanked by Russia to the east and the Baltic Sea to the west, the Baltic States are...

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  • The Self-drive trip through Northern Europe

    Offbeat Peru, On Wheels

    Thrilling roads lead you ahead. Rustic experiences hook you back.

    With a history that spans 4 millenia, Peru has picked the best pieces from different eras and interweaved itself into a spectacular land, that’s just incomparable. Trek into history with Machu Picchu- a citadel built in 1400s...

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