International All Women Road-Trip

WIAA and Embarq bring to you an epic all-women road-trip… the one that will make you cross international borders and also the ones around you.

A trip where roads will host gorgeous landscapes for you, international borders will turn the cultures like pages of a poetry book, and soothing breeze would let you soar higher, this is a perfect tribute to the adventure-crazy you!

So, set on an incredible journey from Guwahati in India, all the way to Bangkok in Thailand. Relish the unsung magnificence of Nagaland and Manipur, cross and conquer every single of the 50 iconic bridges of Myanmar, witness the grandeur
of 2,000 Buddhist monuments towering over green plains in Bagan Archaeological Area, taste the authentic and globally celebrated Burmese cuisine and witness the rustic countryside of Thailand. And all of it with the comfort of
your own car or motorcycle, and with women just like you!

So, Embarq with us on this epic adventure on wheels and transcend boundaries… the ones within and the ones around!

Rental cars available. Call: +91 9820839133