Ever felt liberated, and at the same time hooked to a moment?
Ever seen hearts melt and souls stir, with everything around being standstill?
Ever experienced letting go, and getting gripped to a journey simultaneously?
Ever lived a journey that becomes an eternal memory?

Ever let the road overtake?

We are Embarq.

And we are all about out-of-the-world road journeys. The best of the best destinations in the world, handcrafted routes, exclusive experiences, high-spirited travel companions and to top it off, the premium features… everything at Embarq makes for road journeys that get etched in your heart forever.

So come explore the world on wheels with us, and let the road overtake.

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You ask, why roads? We ask, why not?

Any other trips let moments pass by, but with road trips you can pause each moment, experience it and keep it in your memory box to cherish it for a lifetime. Roads pass but the experiences they give, stay… experiences that matter; that let you realize the wondrous expanse and beauty of the planet and its beings. And Embarq is our effort to let the world live and cherish these heart-touching experiences.

So with Embarq, open your heart to open roads and let your existence find a new meaning.
Get ready for a life-changing road journey and... let the road overtake!