Offbeat Peru, On Wheels

25th April to 7th May/8th May/9th May Number of Days - 13/14/15
Vehicle - Land Cruiser

With a history that spans 4 millenia, Peru has picked the best pieces from different eras and interweaved itself into a spectacular land, that’s just incomparable.

Visit magical histories with Machu Picchu- a citadel built in 1400s, time travel to the ADs with the Nazca Lines geoglyphs from 700 AD, or jump to the 16th century through the Inca Empire. Wrapped in breathtaking hues and stunning backdrops, experience it all through its beautiful roads, rustic landscapes and thrilling drives.

Day 01
25 APR 2020 (Saturday)

Arrive in Lima

Day 02
26 APR 2020 (Sunday)

Drive to Paracas National Reserve, a beautiful natural reserve located along the Paracas coast.

Day 03
27 APR 2020 (Monday)

Experience the stunning Paracas Safari and then drive to Ica. Explore the winery, have an out-of-the-world desert experience, go dune bashing. Followed by a private dinner in the desert.

Day 04
28 APR 2020 (Tuesday)

A short drive to this quaint little town. Witness the mysterious and amusing Nazca lines and a few other heritage and natural sites.

Day 05
29 APR 2020 (Wednesday)

An easy morning, and then in the afternoon a short drive to Chala.

Day 06
30 APR 2020 (Thursday)

Night halt at Arequipa

Day 07
1 MAY 2020 (Friday)

Experience off-roading by driving through the rivers, slush, mountains and much more! We reach one of the best properties on this drive - The Belmond in Chivay.

Day 08
2nd MAY 2020 (Saturday)

Witnessing the stunning scenery continues as we drive towards the most vibrant city in Peru - Cusco!

Day 09
3rd MAY 2020 (Sunday)

Explore Cusco, a world heritage site. The capital of the ancient Inca Empire, Cusco boasts of colonial architecture, picturesque nature and intriguing Spanish ruins.

Day 10
4th MAY 2020 (Monday)

Visit the 15th century Inca citadel- Machu Picchu. The most visited site of Peru, this is a highlight of this adventurous trip.

Day 11
5th MAY 2020 (Tuesday)

Driving around Cusco and visiting some more archaeological wonders!

Day 12
06th MAY 2020 (Wednesday)

Fly back to Lima


Drive through the breathtaking route to Ayacucho and enjoy your time at the resort.


1st day of the 2 night-3 day Amazon Forest Safari.

Day 13
7th MAY 2020 (Thursday)

Fly back to India


Reach Lima


Enjoy the 2nd day of the Safari.

Day 14
08th MAY 2020 (Friday)

Fly back to India


Finish the Safari and reach Cusco. Then fly to Lima.

Day 15
09th MAY 2020(Saturday)

Fly back to India.

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