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Self Driven Tour

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Self Driven Road Trip Distance

Distance Covered:
2000 kms (approx.)

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Vehicle: Mini Cooper

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a sleek and vibrant Mini Cooper, the wind tousling your hair as you embark on a thrilling and offbeat road trip through the enchanting landscapes of Spain. This journey promises not only unforgettable experiences but also a touch of luxury with hand-picked 4-star or 5-star properties awaiting your arrival. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore the diverse and captivating regions of Barcelona, Costa Brava, Puigcerdà, Llavorsi, San Sebastián, Galicia, and Madrid.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 (22nd July)


Arrive in Barcelona
Experience The Eixampl
Discovering Casa Batlló Casa Batlló is a UNESCO world heritage building of The Eixample in Barcelona and is a Gaudi creation.

Silk Route Road Trip in Spain
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DAY 2 (23rd July)

Barcelona – Costa Brava (146 kms)

An Easy start – A beautiful coastal drive to Costa Brava
We visit Santa Clotilde Gardens in Lloret de Mar
These gardens were designed by the Marquis of Roviralta to bring miraculous Italian-style gardens to Spain to enjoy.

DAY 3 (24th July)

Costa Brava

Beautiful coast can be explored on this break day

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DAY 4 (25th July)

Bordering on France, and not far from Andorra, Puigcerdà is a town with many interesting monuments, such as the Gothic church of Santo Domingo, from the 15th century, with beautiful mural paintings; the Gothic bell tower of the bygone church of Santa María; the arcaded main square, or Plaza Mayor; different ancestral homes; the City Hall, and the hospital.
A Private Stable awaits us we have the option to enjoy horse riding

DAY 5 (26th July)

Puigcerdà – Llavorsí

We continue driving along the stunning Spain France border – and a huge surprise awaits…
Tonight we will spend in the hills of Spain and experience Luxury Camping…

Spain Road Trip
Best Vacation to Spain

DAY 6 (27th July)

Llavorsí – San Sebastian (365 kms)

Drive to San Sebastian
This city, also known as Donostia, lies along a white sandy bay between the Urgull and Igeldo hills.
Fishermen’s houses, a smart suburb and modern districts make it one of the most attractive cities on the Cantabrian coast.
The Museum of San Telmo, the Peine del Viento (the Wind Comb) and the Kursaal are examples of how the city brings together modern and traditional features.

DAY 7 (28th July)

San Sebastian – Galicia (708 kms)

Take the stunning coastal route to reach this beautiful little hidden town called Galicia.
Known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and delicious seafood cuisine, Galicia offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty.

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DAY 8 (29th July)

Galicia – A Break Day

We Explore the wineries and ancestral grapes like Albariño Discover the amazing nature, heritage – a place where – Medieval Towns and Pristine Coastlines Create Magic

DAY 9 (30th July)

Galicia – Madrid (547 kms)

Beautiful drive through heart of Spain
Evening – Explore Madrid, the capital city of Spain –
a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination that seamlessly blends rich history, artistic treasures, and a bustling modern atmosphere.

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DAY 10 (31st July)

Fly back

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