Fixed Departure RoadTrips

Countries are not just diverse pieces of land, but amalgamation of diverse cultures, heritages, people, languages and foods. And the closest way to experience it all, is on roads. Embarq takes you to the most exotic countries on the globe and curates road travelling experiences that stay with you all your life. With Embarq, all you need to do is just enjoy to the core. Because for everything else, we are here. A lead car is always there to make sure you drive the right road, whereas a sweeper car makes sure you live the most of every moment... Soak that sunset in, or extend your stay in that boutique resort, you’ll always safe company.

So get ready to for some of the most luxurious rides, discover unknown lands on wheels, and live the true spirit of every country... all of it with a convoy of equally passionate travellers.

Road trip, done right?

  • Premium Scotland 6th to 14th May 2023

    The roads, the mountains and the breeze are about to begin a story. Will you be listening?

    Embarq's Self Drive Tour of Scotland will take you through the most magical mountain passes, rugged coastlines and stunning islands. Drive the zippy Range Rover Sport on the famous North Coast 500.

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  • Offbeat Peru - On Wheels 14th to 26th May 2023

    Thrilling roads lead you ahead. Rustic experiences hook you back.

    With a history that spans 4 millenia, Peru has picked the best pieces from different eras and interweaved itself into a spectacular land, that’s just incomparable. Trek into history with Machu Picchu- a citadel built in 1400s...

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  • Premium New Zealand 8th to 19th January 2023

    Every turn, a breath-taking view

    Join us in exploring one of the world’s most mesmerizing countries, New Zealand. Embarq’s 12-day Roadtrip starting from Auckland takes you through some of the most scenic routes all the way to the southernmost tip of the country...

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