April 13, 2017



As the name suggests, a road trip is a journey by road using a vehicle. It is the best way to experience different landscapes and terrains and soak in the culture of a place. Meant for those to whom the journey matters more than the destination.
An Embarq guided tour is a fixed departure road trip on a pre-defined and tested route, where the travellers move in a convoy led and tailed by the Embarq crew. Embarq arranges the meals, accommodation, rental vehicle and activities on the tour and provides personalised attention and support throughout.
Service Guided Tour Self-guided Tour
Tour leader Y N
Back-up vehicle Y N
First aid Y Y
Embarq special experiences Y N
Rental car/bike Y Y
Vehicle transportation Y (only motorcycles) Y (only motorcycles)
Flexible dates for departure N Y
Group size restriction Y N
Planned itineraries Y Y
Accommodation Y Y
Meals Y N (only advisory)
Fuel Y (in rentals cars) N
Road book N Y
No. Driving holidays and motorcycle tours are organised separately.
For riding trips, the maximum group size is 12 motorcycles and for driving trips, it is up to 10 cars.
The daily distance we cover depends on the terrain and the scheduled activities. Please refer to the description of the tour you are interested in.
We travel for five to six hours on an average every day including breaks.
Breakdown assistance is provided on all Embarq tours.
On our guided motorcycle tours, luggage will be stored in the back-up vehicle.
We can arrange the transportation of your motorcycle at a charge. We can help you connect with logistics companies for cars and other vehicles.
All guided tours have a tour leader and support crew.
Embarq guided tours are led by our co-founders themselves. They have more than five years of experience in organising road trips and have scouted the routes beforehand.
Yes. To get the best experience on our guided tours, we expect you to follow the group leader. However you may pass the group leader at your own risk.
A detailed travel advisory, itinerary, luggage checklist and a terms and conditions form will be sent after booking a tour.