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You ask, why roads? We ask, why not?

Ever felt the freedom and allure,
Of a time that is captivating and pure.

Ever felt the heart and soul beating in unity,
For seconds that appears like an eternity.

Ever let the road take hold and sweep you away,
To a world of wonder where you are free to play.

Ever let the journey become an eternal memory,
An untold story, a cherished legacy.

Embarq on an expedition of life changing discovery,
Let the road overtake and open up a new territory.

Take a step forward and let your spirit lead the way,
Rediscover yourself with our adventurous getaway.

luxury travel company

We are Embarq.

We are a luxury travel company focusing on road trips and road journeys. We organize self-drive tours in the most incredible places on the earth.

Our experiences are exclusive and unforgettable. Our routes are handcrafted and full of adventure. Our travel companions are high spirted. Our vehicles are premium and luxurious.

EMBARQ your holidays exploring various countries and their culture on our fully guided road journeys.

Unlock a world of possibilities and let the open road lead you to new horizons.

Let the road overtake…

The Embarq Experience

Recced Destinations

Recced Destinations

So that you experience only the best.

exclusive cars for self drive tours

Premium Experiences

Handpicked routes, exclusive cars, carefully chosen stays and food & picture stops.

security in self driving tours

Security and Privacy

A safe convoy with lead and support Embarq vehicles gives you a chance to explore more in the privacy of your own car, for families, 2 travellers or even solos

Pit stop in self driven trips

Choose Your Pit-stops

With a support car always escorting you, picture stops and coffee breaks can happen anywhere, anytime

self driven road trip for all age groups

Made for All

No restrictions of gender, age or experience. Company of well-travelled like minded people

Luxury Cars Available For Self-drive

Only world-class partners

World class cars like Range Rover, Audi, Toyota, BMW make our trips even better

Ease of travel across the globe

Ease of travel across the globe

A widespread network of tour operators and breakdown assistance ensures all requirements and glitches are taken care of at the right time

best guide for self drive vacations


Destination guide for the location.

Upcoming Road Trips

Client Testimonials

Helbert Erquinigo Calizaya

Our family trip organized by Embarq was simply exceptional. Their meticulous planning ensured that every moment was filled with unforgettable experiences. Every stop was a highlight, from exploring the stunning Tasman Sea in South Island to discovering hidden gems along the way. Thanks to their expertly crafted offbeat routes, we witnessed breathtaking vistas that left us in awe. Despite being strangers, we bonded effortlessly with our fellow travellers, adding to the joy of the journey. Embarq's attention to detail was evident in every aspect - from the thoughtfully curated itinerary to the impeccable choice of accommodations. All we had to do was book our tickets and visas; the rest was seamlessly taken care of by Embarq. These memories will be cherished forever, and we look forward to embarking on many more adventures with them.

Sanchayeeta Verma

My incredible New Zealand road trip with Embarq unveiled a new way to explore a country. The stunning natural beauty and well-developed infrastructure made it amazing, but Embarq's meticulous planning truly elevated the experience. Their efforts allowed us to traverse the entire length of New Zealand, from Auckland in the North to Te Anau and the Tasman Sea in the South, hitting all the must-see spots.
The real gem, however, was Embarq's selection of offbeat routes. Thanks to their detailed pre-trip scouting (recce), we witnessed breathtaking vistas, unlike anything we'd ever seen. While we initially didn't know our fellow travellers, the journey fostered amazing connections. Looking back, their company significantly enhanced the trip's fun factor.
Embarq's meticulousness shone through in every aspect – the itinerary, local partnerships, hotels, and exceptional care. We only had to handle flights and visas; Embarq took care of everything else. Memories made, future Embarq trips guaranteed!

Anthony Huang

Though travel excites me, venturing off the beaten path sparks anxiety. Concerns about accommodations, safety, and food are common. As a hospitality professional with high expectations, my self-curated travel experiences set the bar even higher.
Embarq, however, surpassed all worries on my second self-drive trip with them (the first was Spain two years ago) to Arunachal Pradesh, the Indo-China border, and Kaziranga.
Every drive route was thoroughly scouted, every hotel personally inspected, and all our menus thoughtfully curated. We traversed stunning roads, visiting breathtaking locations accessible to just a lucky few. The local cuisine prepared by home cooks was a true delight, offering an authentic taste of the region and fostering a connection with the community. Words are simply insufficient.

Sanchayeeta Verma

Had the most incredible New Zealand road trip with Embarq. Discovering a country by road was a novel experience made extra special because of NZ’s stunning natural beauty & road-travel infrastructure. But the secret ingredient was the meticulous planning by Embarq. Courtesy of their efforts we were able to traverse the entire length of NZ from Auckland in the North Island right up to Archana Singh
One of the best self-drive group trips I’ve taken recently. Very well curated & organised trip keeping in mind each person’s comfort. Sujal is an amazing trip organiser & a great company to be with.

Archana Singh

One of the best self-drive group trips I’ve taken recently. Very well curated & organised trip keeping in mind each person’s comfort. Sujal is an amazing trip organiser & a great company to be with.

Binaa Shah

I have done two road trips with EMBARQ MOTORWORLD
1. INDIA TO THAILAND via MYANMAR: All women road trip was an epic experience completely life changer. #womencrossingboundaries very well managed trip with premium stays and with utmost care about food, safety etc.
2. KYRGYZSTAN SNOW DRIVE: Ohh well well wandered with most diverse group ever in my life. Most memorable snow drive experience driving in amazing terrain with snow landscapes, driving by the lake for miles and miles it’s beautiful country.. and once again Embarq has left their mark for arranging awesome road trip in terms of food, stay & every minute things.. Picnic lunch in middle of the snowy mountains was cherry on a cake.. Kudos to EMBARQ. Highly recommended trust worthy travel company.

Viplav Kumar

I have done 3 trips with Embarq, Scotland, Silk Route and the North East. Those were my best drives, I had driven a lot but these trips were very close TO my heart specially coz of the organizers, now they have become a family. Not to forget about their skills of organizing things so meticulously, every single small thing starting from accommodations, your safety, food, and over all the warmth you get in their friendship. They are most best organisers of road trips according to me. And I look forward for many more trips. And will cherish all the memories till my next trip.
SPL note:- Best but not the least is I always came back with a extended family after all the trips. Thank you EMBARQ.

Anupreeti More

The motive of our All Women Road trip 2019 will keep us motivated n inspired forever. Thank you Team Embarq for a mesmerizing journey through beautiful Myanmar and Thailand and giving us an opportunity to explore Local food, people and their lifestyle. Literally crossed many mental barriers, stretched limits, had wonderful interactions with awesome personalities from different backgrounds, never-ending chats, craziness, fun filled moments, bonding and #neverever experiences.
Hats off gals for the hard work, planning and execution.
You are awesome!!! My best wishes for all your upcoming endeavours.

Mahesh Gowaikar

To be able to drive through exotic landscapes and for someone to take care of all your requirements at a luxurious level, this is highly recommended.
I did New Zealand with them and it was an once in a life-time experience. Curated itinerary, excellent hotels, recced drives, amazing locales and exotic locations - the trip had it all.
Hats off to Sujal Patwardhan for being a great guide and friend throughout the tour !!!
For sure, now I am hooked to doing more trips with them !!!

Samrat Ashok Patil

I have done many road trips before in India and all were unplanned. Did my first planned trip and first with Embarq which I did in April of Peru and believe me it was the best road trip as of now. Embarq team makes sure that you enjoy every moment that journey has to offer.
PERU - it has so much to offer like different terrains:- from one of the driest place on the Earth to one of the highest motorable roads at 15000 ft.
With Embarq your trip is going to be one wonderful memory that you will carry all your life. All the Best Team Embarq for all your upcoming and future Tours and for your Journey of becoming the best Tour planners.

Alpana Paralkar

Came across Embarq through my friends reference and happy that he recommended to perfect team of strong girls Sujal & Medha. Excellent planning of route, paper work, selection of places for food, very well accommodating behaviour, luxurious and comfortable stay and they surprised us at every given point by giving us more than our expectations. Best part of our tour was we made friends for lifetime, we shared joy of togetherness, shared our success as it was first only women’s drive by women for women. Managing 16 women from different parts of India with different background was not an easy job they managed it so well that we blended smoothly and parting became difficult. This was the best stunt of my life and recommend everyone to try at least once and you will get addicted.


What is a road trip?

As the name suggests, a road trip is a journey by road using a vehicle. It is the best way to experience different landscapes and terrains and soak in the culture of a place. Meant for those to whom the journey matters more than the destination.

What is an Embarq guided tour?

An Embarq guided road-trip is a premium fixed departure trip with a fixed itinerary. The trip is designed by the co-founders after a detailed recce of the destination and various routes ensuring the best curated experiences & activities are planned along the route. The stays and food are hand picked. The travellers move in a convoy led and tailed by the Embarq crew that provides personalised attention and support throughout the tour.

What are overland journeys/road-trips?

Overland Roadtrips are Self-Drive road trips that one does in his/her own vehicle where you experience the thrill of crossing India’s border and drive to other countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Central Asia, Russia, UK, Europe etc.

These road-trips require a lot of planning, paperwork and permits, visas etc. Our co-founders have done multiple overland road-trips across continents and we can help you plan it all and experience this epic once-in a life time journey!

What are Embarq Bespoke Road-Trips?

Self-Drive Road-Trips that are customized for you at any of our listed destinations including overland journeys, considering your specific requirements.

You could be a solo traveler or group of friends & family, you can choose the dates suitable to you and the budget that makes you smile!

Our expert team will help you put the personalized itinerary together considering the dates, various routes, stay, food and rental car options to suit your needs!

We can also customize luxury road-tripping holidays for you.

What is the difference between your guided and self-guided tours?

Rental Car YES YES
Lead Vehicle & Embarq Team YES NO
Local Guide YES Optional
Back-up/Escort Vehicle YES Optional
Breakdown Assistance YES YES (T&C apply)
Embarq Special Experiences YES Optional
Flexible Dates for Departure NO YES
Group size restriction YES NO
Tour Cost Standard As per individual budget
Planned Itineraries YES YES
Accommodation YES YES
Meals YES NO

What is the distance that we travel every day?

The daily distance we cover depends on the terrain and the scheduled activities. It typically varies between five to seven hours on an average. Please refer to the brochure for detailed itinerary.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down during the trip?

Breakdown assistance is provided on all Embarq tours.

Do all of your road trips have tour leaders?

All guided tours have a tour leader and support crew.

Who are the tour leaders and how experienced are they?

Embarq guided tours are led by our co-founders themselves. They have more than five years of experience in organising road trips and have scouted the routes beforehand.

Do we have to follow the tour leaders on a guided tour?

Yes. To get the best experience on our guided tours, we expect you to follow the group leader/lead vehicle.

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