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The Hornbill Tales
Experience the Mystical Land of Diverse Traditions


Self Driven Tour

8th to 17th December, 2023
Number of days: 10

Self Driven Road Trip Distance

Distance Covered:
700 kms (approx.)

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Vehicle: Hyundai Creta
or similar

Uncover the magic of Nagaland, traverse misty mountains and breathtaking landscapes. Explore the tribal customs, intricate artisanal crafts, and the celebration of indigenous cultures.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 (Dec 8)

Arrival at Dibrugarh – 15 kms

Arrival at Dibrugarh Airport
Transfer to Dibrugarh Hotel
Overnight stay

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DAY 2 (Dec 9)

Dibrugarh to Mon – 120 kms

Visit to Hunpoi village
Meeting old men (wise elders) at Angh’s court
Overnight at Mone

DAY 3 (Dec 10)

Mon – Lungwa – Mon – 40 kms

Visit to Tang village en route to Lungwa village
Exploring the Lungwa village situated on India-Myanmar border
Overnight at Mon

Lungwa is one of the biggest villages in Mon district. The village has a road connecting it to Loji village in Myanmar’s Sagaing Division, that also provides access to the larger Tatmadaw military towns of Lahe and Yengjong in Myanmar. The Lungwa Angh’s house is situated in the middle of the border of India and Myanmar. One half of the Angh’s house falls within Indian territory, whereas the other half lies under Myanmar control. However, the whole village is controlled by the Angh. He has 60 wives and he rules over 60 villages of the Konyak tribe extending up to Myanmar.

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DAY 4 (Dec 11)

Mon to Sivasagar – 100 kms

Visit to Ahom museum and exploring other remains of Ahom dynasty. Visit to Chariedo
Overnight at Sivasagar

Chariedo is located 28 km away from Sivasagar. The site of Charaideo was the capital of the Ahom kingdom established by the first Ahom king Chao Lung Siu-Ka-Pha in 1253. The Maidams (tumulus) of the Ahom kings and queens at Charaideo hillocks resemble the shape of small pyramids. This was built by Sukhapa, the founder of the Ahom dynasty.

DAY 5 (Dec 12)

Sivasagar to Mokokchung – 130 kms

Local sightseeing in Sivasagar
Drive to Mokokchung
Overnight at Mokokchung

Mokochung is the headquarters of the Ao Nagas. They are known for their colourful attires and are regarded of having the most motifs shawl among the Nagas, which usually speaks the person’s status in the community

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DAY 6 (Dec 13)

Mokokchung – local sightseeing

Exploring the Ao Naga tribal villages
Visit to Mopunchukit village and Longkhum village
Overnight at Mokokchung

The Ao Naga tribe are one of the most literate tribes of all the Nagas. Majority of this tribe are Christians. Despite its small size Mopunchukit village has an informative museum and a church. Longkhum is a hill top village once used as the battle ground for the infamous head hunters. It is commonly believed by the Ao Nagas that the spirits of dead people are manifested in the local eagles that nest here. They also recommend that visitors come through the village twice as the first time one’s soul is often left behind.

DAY 7 (Dec 14)

Mokokchung to Kohima – 150 kms

Drive to Kohima
Overnight at Kohima

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DAY 8 (Dec 15)

Kohima – Kisama – Kohima – 12 kms

Drive to Kisama Heritage Village, the sight of Hornbill Festival
Overnight at Kohima

DAY 9 (Dec 16)

Kohima – Khonoma village – Kohima – 25 kms

Excursion to Khonoma Village
Visit to Kohima War Cemetery, Museum and Cathedral Church
Overnight at Kohima

Khonoma Village is the first “green village” of Nagaland. It is well known for the legendary leader Angami Zapu Phizo who was the founder of the Naga movement. The Kohima War Cemetery is constructed in the memory of the officers and soldiers who made supreme sacrifices during World War II.

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DAY 10 (Dec 17)

Kohima to Dimapur – 78 kms

Drive to Dimapur Airport for onward connections

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