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16th February 2022 to 27th February 2023
Number of Days – 8
Distance Covered- 1400 kms approx
Vehicle – Range Rover Vogue or similar

The North is like a magical magnet and remains a lifetime attraction for those who have been here at least once. The Russian Arctic – the Kola Peninsula – is located in the very north of the European part of Russia, washed by the cold White and Barents Seas. Winter lasts for eight months here, complemented by astonishing 42 days of impenetrable polar nights. However, as a reward for winter inconvenience, local residents get to enjoy the most colorful northern lights in the world! In summer, the Aurora and the dark nights are replaced by a polar day and white nights for 50 days, when the whole peninsula is lit around the clock.

• See Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. It’s considered great luck to witness the Lights, and we bring you to the best places to experience this natural phenomenon!

• Join us for the Ultimate Arctic Adventure!

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Day 1

Saint Petersburg. Arrival

Local Sight Seeing


Day 2

St. Petersburg – Sortavala (300 km)

We will head to Karelia and drive along the Ladoga Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Europe! This section of the route will allow us to get comfortable with the cars and test some off-roading skills.
We will visit the the Ruskeala Mountain Park and walk around the flooded quarry, see the monuments of industrial architecture, enter the mystical tunnels and passages.


Day 3

Sortavala – Petrozavodsk (160 KMS)

We drive to the enchanting city of Petrozavodsk and visit a fabulous place hidden on a river bank in thick Karelian woods – a Siberian Husky farm.
Our day trip finishes in Petrozavodskб the capital of Karelia region. The appealing waterfront promenade on the Onega Lake invites for a leisurely stroll.


Day 4

Visit to Kizhi Island

Today we embark on a trip with a ‘khivus’ (hovercraft) for a slide along the smooth ice surface of Lake Onega to Kizhi Island. This ride takes about 1.5 hours.
After a fascinating tour of the museum grounds, we return to Petrozavodsk to enjoy dinner at one of the city’s coziest restaurants.


Day 5

Petrozavodsk – Medvezhyegorsk (190 KMS)

We leave Petrozavodsk to see more of the marvels Karelian wilderness has to offer. One the interesting stops on our way will be the Kivach Falls. Translated from Finnish as “powerful, impetuous”, the name fully reflects the soul of the 10.7-meter high waterfall located on the Suna River. By evening, we reach Medvezhyegorsk (roughly translated as “Bear’s Hill”)


Day 6

Medvezhyegorsk – Kalevala Distance: 479 km

Today we proceed further north, to the village of Povenets, the starting point of the renowned White Sea-Baltic Canal. The road leading to Kalevala leaves the Kola federal highway in the area Segeja, stretching in a fabulous route, quiet backwaters, small villages occasionally found along the way.


Day 7

Kalevala – Apatity or Kirovsk (420 KMS)

Today we leave North Karelia and reach the Kola Peninsula. Entering the Arctic will be a fascinating journey through the land of a thousand lakes and absolutely deserted terrain. Which is especially felt in winter, when everything around is covered with snow. A rare tourist rides here. This is where a real off-road adventure starts. We reach the hotel by evening and hope that luck strikes today and we can see the Aurora!


Day 8

Apatity – Kirovsk – Apatity (Optional)

We won’t be rushing anywhere today, but the day will be full of activities. We will go to the very center of the Khibiny range to the city of Kirovsk .
It’s exactly the place to enjoy the most exciting snowmobile rides, and we shall absolutely take advantage of that! Options to pick for the day: snowmobiling, alpine skiing, snowboarding


Day 9

Apatity – Sami Village – Aurora Village (280 KMS)

We drive towards towards Murmansk along the Kola highway in the morning and visit the settlement of the local Sami people on the way. We’ll be spending the night at Aurora glamping located 49 km outside of Murmansk. We settle down, have a barbecue dinner, and set ourselves up for the most beautiful impressions.


Day 10

Aurora Village – Teriberka – Muranmansk Village (206 KMS)

Today we set off to the literal edge of the earth, the village of Teriberka, located on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. The 2-hour drive across the snowy desert of the tundra to suddenly arrive at a sandy beach of the Barents Sea which doesn’t freeze?

PLEASE NOTE: given the unpredictable weather conditions of the region, we reserve the possibility of the road to Teriberka being blocked by heavy snowfall.


Day 11

Murmansk – Moscow (50 KMS)

Today we explore Murmansk, the most populated city in the Arctic and one of the largest ports in the world within the Arctic Circle, as the sea never freezes due to the Gulf Stream running nearby. We will take an evening flight to Moscow.


Day 12

Fly back to India


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